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Reduce Your Anxiety in Four Minutes

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Transformative Online Courses

In this busy and often hectic time, it has never been more important to find tools to stay connected to a strong sense of self. This is how we can stay emotionally aware, self-compassionate and driven by our true purpose.

The Free Voice Programmes are here for individuals and groups to develop an empowered sense of self. Through the learning of breathing and vocal techniques to develop and strengthen  the voice, participants learn practical ways to feel empowered both personally and professionally.

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Breath First


Learn powerful breathing techniques that will immediately support your voice, build confidence and help regulate anxiety.

Group Lecture

This remarkable workshop offers a range of benefits that go beyond vocal development.


By developing and strengthening the voice through breathing and vocal exercises and techniques, participants will enhance their self-awareness, mindfulness, and emotional intelligence. This leads to increased confidence, effective communication, and personal growth.


The emphasis on self-compassion and emotional resilience equips individuals to navigate challenges, reduce stress, and foster a positive personal and work environment.


Don't miss this opportunity to empower your team and unleash their true potential through the transformative power of the Free Voice Approach.

Our Workshops

Grow in Confidence with Your Voice

One on One Sessions

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