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Find Your Voice: Back to Work


The "Find Your Voice: Back to Work" course is carefully designed to cater to each participant's starting point. Using a strategic approach, participants are guided to develop and empower their unique voice and communication skills, fostering a personal sense of safety within themselves and the group over time.

As participants advance, the scaffolded structure of the course offers opportunities to enhance confidence in exploring interpersonal skills at a comfortable pace. The group setting aims to create an environment where individuals can discover their unique voice, receive support in developing resources and skills to address challenges, and build the confidence needed to take steps toward re-entering the workforce.

Each participant will complete pre- and post-course questionnaires assessing work-ready confidence, interpersonal communication skill development, self-awareness, and techniques to navigate personal transition-to-work challenges. The collected data will identify both the successes and areas for future improvements in the program.

Engagement Strategy for Group Settings:

To ensure engagement in group settings, Free Voice employs interactive learning methods. These include: self-reflection learning resource work-book exercises, gradually moving to pair and group discussions, videos, role-playing exercises, vocal skills and techniques practice, and collaborative activities that encourage participants to build confidence and share their insights and experiences. Learning skills to build self- awareness of personal safety cues, personal barriers, challenges, and successes are cornerstones of the Free Voice values. Practical exercises and real-world examples are used to make the content relatable and applicable, fostering a sense of involvement and participation.

Strategy for Individuals Falling Through the Cracks:

Free Voice provides personalised support for individuals who may be struggling. Particular attention is made to each participant's progress and well-being. Regular check-ins and one-on-one sessions during break times are made available to address concerns and offer additional guidance. This personalised approach helps prevent anyone from feeling left behind or overlooked, ensuring that all participants receive the support they need to succeed. If participants require additional support communication will be facilitated with a Workways psychologist to ensure their specific needs are being met.

Facilitation of Course from Individual Sessions to Group:

The Find Your Voice: Back to work course has been designed for groups. Module 1 starts with educational activities focusing on building a safe environment so trust can build. Each participant is acknowledged for their stage in their own journey. Participants receive personalised attention to address their unique needs and challenges. As the course progresses, there is a gradual transition from individual exercises to pairs to larger group activities. This shift allows participants to practice their newfound skills in a supportive group environment. A smooth transition is encouraged by gradually introducing group activities and fostering a sense of community among participants.

In summary


Free Voice's course outline covers a diverse range of topics underpinned by skills and techniques to develop and strengthen participants' authentic voices, improving their skills and building greater confidence to take the steps to transition into the workforce. The engagement strategy involves interactive methods, and the course progresses in a gradual and supportive manner.


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