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How Can Free Voice
Work For You?

Build Confidence To Express Yourself Freely

  • Learn vocal techniques that teach you how to connect and feel confident expressing yourself.

  • Understand how your voice works so that you feel a greater sense of control.

  • Learn how to feel the empowering connection between your breath, voice and body.

Lead your inner critic 

to self compassion

  • Learn to tame your inner critic through cultivating self compassion.

  • Develop the ability to identify, listen to, and act on your inner compassionate voice.

  • Foster optimism, curiosity and a deeper connection with yourself.

Develop Your Authentic Voice

  • Explore your unique vocal imprint.

  • Learn personalised vocal techniques to develop and strengthen your voice.

  • Learn how to appreciate the power of your voice.

Learn skills to manage your emotions

  • Harness the ability to confidently connect, manage & express your emotions.

  • Understand how personal experiences shape your emotional expression.

  • Learn techniques to overcome physical,  emotional & psychological barriers that hold back your free expression.

Learn Breathing techniques to

  manage anxiety

  • Gain insight into the intricate connection between your breath, voice and nervous system.

  • Learn ways to create a safe, controlled environment to explore and manage anxiety.

  • Develop personal safety cues to nurture your nervous system through moments of vulnerability.

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